Miho Takayasu is an actress, Performer, 
MIKO(Traditional ritual dancer)from Osaka, Japan. 
She was trained in and danced Kagura as an eight year old child in a Shinto temple. 
She has danced Kagura-Performance in Japan(Osaka),
German(HAU3,Ruhe University Bochum,
International Research Center  “Interweaving Cultures in Performance” Freie University Berlin), 
Italien(La Guadalupe inVolterra), 
Poland(International Theater Festival KONTAKT in Torun),
USA(Martin E Segal Theater Center in NY). 

She is a member of the acclaimed theater group HMP (Hamlet Mashiene Project) in Osaka, 
and participated in the International Forum during the Theater Treffen in 2011.
2014 summer, Guest professor, Theater Studies, Giessen University,
2015,senior fellow of the “Modernization of traditional art" Kagura Project, 
conducted as part of “Osaka University Arts Festival: Memory, Democracy, and Identity”.